Monday, February 27, 2006

A Good Luck Charm - Luna は働きもの

Recently, I got a great job opportunity, and I start working for it in a few weeks. I really appreciate lots of support that I got from my teacher and friends. In addition to that, Luna played an important role. She actually brought me the first step for this whole story. Luna is a good luck charm for me.

One day in October, Luna and I were walking down the street in downtown Palo Alto. At one corner, Luna ran into two corgis, Herbie and Daisy, and introduced me to their owners, Ron and Leah. After talking about our dogs for a few minutes, they asked me if I am from Japan. Yes, surely I am. They asked this question because they were supposed to visit Tokyo for business trip during the week after we met.

I asked them, "What do you do?" They work for a software company. They were planning to visit Tokyo for user research. I was really surprised to know the fact that their company has a user research group in Japan, which was new to me. I became interested in what they are doing. After that day, we, three dogs and three people, met again at a dog park. We really had a good time and learned that we have lots of things in common, such as favorite foods, culture, school and experience at the software industry; I worked for a software company before coming to the US.

One month later, I decided to look for a job. I was not very optimistic in the beginning, but I have to find something to feed Luna, which drove me to move on. Without any expectation, I first went to the company's web site, which my friends work for, to see if there is any open position which fits for me. I was surprised to see that there was one opportunity which almost exactly described myself, such as languages, academic background, past professional experience, etc... It seemed to be written for me. I applied for this position. In addition to Luna, during this hiring process, lots of luck kept happening. After two months, I got an offer.

It's just meant to be, I believe. If I don't have a corgi, if I didn't walk in Palo Alto at that particular time, if I didn't go with Luna, if Ron and Leah didn't accompany their dogs nor talk to me, or if they didn't plan a business trip to Tokyo at that timing, it would have never happened.

Luna is the one which made this happened. I am going to buy her favorite toy and cookies when I get my first pay check. :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shopping for Traveling

We are planning to travel by airplane this year. I have been looking for a carry bag for Luna.
I found a really cute bag at kate spada.

I asked a sales representative, "Do you think if this bag fits for my dog?"
"Well, she is a little too long for this, " she said.

I couldn't argue anything about it. :(

Friday, February 03, 2006

Champagne and Beans!

Luna and I went to the art walk in Palo Alto, which is happened every first Friday of the month.
At one gallery, I had a glass of champagne. Luna stared at me and sat. That is the sign when she begs me something. I let her lick a little.

I was so pleased to share champagne with Luna since we really had something to celebrate this week. :)

After we came home, we did Mamemaki since it is the day of Setsubun. We have to eliminate a devil from our house and invite lots of luck! When I threw beans, Luna cleaned up them on a floor. It was actually convenient.

Luna has to eat only two beans since she is two years old. But she actually ate plenty of beans.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Puppy Circle

Luna and I moved to another city a few weeks ago. It is a nice little city. I like its downtown and the trail along a river.

The other day, I was chatting with one lady while we were walking down the trail. She asked me, "Does she still do puppy circle?" I have no idea about puppy circle and she explained for me. Some puppies are running by themselves for fun, tracing a circle. Yes! Luna still does. She sometimes run around, being crazy. According to her, it is a typical behavior for puppies.

I am not sure when her puppyhood ends. She will be two years old this April. But, she is still very much like a puppy.