Monday, January 24, 2005

Doggy day care

From today, Luna is going to a hike, doggy day care, with Muffin every Tuesday.
In the morning, I bring Luna to Muffin’s. When we get to Muffin’s yard, Muffin is sleeping in her bed. Luna gets her out from the bed to say, “Let’s play!”
While they are playing, a dog walker has come to pick them up. Then, they go to a hike and play whole day and come home late afternoon.

Luna is only one little dog in a group, but the dog walker says that corgis think as a big dog and has no problem with big dogs. I totally agree…

A few days later, I got a phone call from a dog walker regarding Luna’s behavior on the first day. She said that Luna was quiet, always stayed in a group, and was easy to handle. She barks a lot at home, but she is really quiet and behaves nicely outside. Like mother, like daughter…

Anyway, I felt like a parent who got a phone call from a school teacher.