Monday, October 18, 2004

Where are you?

My friend, Sally, is currently traveling in Japan. Sally met Luna twice before her leaving in the beginning of September.

One day, we had a video/voice chat, and I showed Luna for her.
When Sally called "Luna," Luna was looking for her, "Where is she?" But, she couldn't find her in the end.

This is the photo when she was two-month old.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

greetings from the land of grapes and mt. fuji

we are in a beautiful cabin in the area around ooizumi.

it is raining because there is another typhoon on the way.

how about luna? is she dry now? i laughed about the windshield wipers...poor luna...

6:34 PM  
Blogger Chika said...

Hi, I think the previous comment is from Sally, maybe David. :)
Today, it's sunny and Luna was playing with Muffin, a golden retriever, while I was working with my boss. I will write more about Muffin later...

How wonderful! You are in the Mt.Fuji area. Although I spent over 20 years in Tokyo, I like countryside more than Tokyo. Particularly, Mt.Fuji area is very green, isn't it? It will turn in yellow and red in a month.
Yes! It’s a country of grapes. Enjoy Japanese wine!

If you have a chance to meet people riding motorcycles, ask if they know Chika. :P
They might know about me since I was always riding and camping around there…

10:10 PM  

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