Friday, October 15, 2004

Luna's journal

I have a female corgi puppy, Luna born in April 27, 2004.

One day I went to a pet store. The owner said that Luna's personality has been developed well because I, mom of Luna, am always with her. It doesn't mean that my personality is good, but being with a puppy as long as I can is good for raising a good personality.
Since I am working at home, lucky for us, we are always together almost 24/7.

Actually, I have realized that her personality and behavior has been getting similar to me. And my friend often tells me, "Like mother, like daughter..."

Today's discovery:
When Luna is playing with Muffin, the best friend of her, she never gets tired and doesn't have a rest. But she needs a rest while she is walking with me. When I work out alone, I get bored easily, but if I am with friends, I keep on jogging and don't get bored or need a rest so much. Both of us are not self-motivated...

Anyway, I am not enough for her as a playmate.



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